welcome to the portland metro area. we are big fans of our beautiful city and its surroundings. we look forward to having you as a maleo management renter.  we have a full set of policies that will help make your move easier:

  1. when you are just starting your search. feel free to contact us to chat through the specifics of what you are looking for in a rental. we know the neighborhoods that would best suit your set of desires for new housing. some wish to be close to a new job, others are looking for a certain demographic in which to reside, or maybe you are looking to be close to family or friends. we can help you. if you are looking to be in a particular school district, we ask that you check with that district for the housing lines as they change often and we would hate for you end up in the wrong school district because we don’t have updated information.
  2. it is not required that you see your rental prior to signing your lease with us. we know that not everyone has the time or funds to make a special trip to find new housing. we have comprehensive photos of the interiors of our units and in some cases, we are able to send over floor plan drawings.
  3. you may send funds for your processing fee and all other move-in costs via mail and we will make reasonable exceptions to our timeline policies to allow you the time to make these payments.
  4. once your lease has been signed and all move-in costs have been paid, we will send you a four digit code to the lockbox on your door once all turnover has been done on your unit and your locks have been changed. this will be a code that only you and our office and it’s agents have so that you can access the house when you arrive. this allows you to come in any time of the day or night and still have a place to stay.