we’re tight rope walkers
we are pro-tenant and pro-landlord. we too own investment property so we know how you think and feel. we also know that the best way to keep your property rented by managing well, being responsive and helpful. we know the importance of both sides.

we’re community focused and goal driven
we are part of our community and thus in touch with what is going on around us. we care for people and strive to be a positive influence in our world. we are driven to be the best and need your help in doing that. we are flexible to your needs and aim to be a breath of fresh air for you as we embark upon a partnership of business.

we are law abiding and tell it to you straight
we are well versed in oregon landlord tenant laws that govern our business. we won’t put you or your property or you at risk. we are experts in our field…we have to be so we can help you make the best decisions for your property.

we are refreshingly honest and available
we are paid on a flat fee system. you will never be surprised when you see our fee on your statement. we allow a lot of customization so that you are comfortable with the services you have contracted with us. we are available to you and encourage your questions. our goals will always reflect your goals for your property.

why maleo management?
because we are the type of folks that aim at being the best we can be. everyone benefits from this mentality as we consistently re-visit all of what we do with an open mind at making our service better, our knowledge more sound, our hearts aligned with our community and our business one that will excel for years to come. our clients are always telling us that we’re the best and we welcome you to come see why.

we look forward to serving you!

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