what’s included in the price?
expert know-how. laws governing property management are so specific and hard to keep up on. we hate hearing news of individuals getting in to trouble because of lack of knowledge about leasing or signing legal agreements. we are here to offer our expertise so that your rental is leased with strength, and that you can step out in confidence as you undertake the management of your rental.

as your leasing service, we:

  1. advertise your property. we will handle all the advertising of your property and you’ll benefit from our high traffic website where your property will get seen more than if it were just in the paper or on craigslist.
  2. handle all prospective tenant calls. we also own rental property and have tried managing on our own while also working a full time job, volunteering, spending time with family and friends and living the busy lifestyle most of us lead. but where does that leave your rental? usually unrented and losing money each day. by having us lease your property you are guaranteed that someone is answering the phone 6 days a week in an all out effort to rent your property quickly.
  3. screen prospective tenants. we know how hard it is to decide if an applicant is a good risk but we do this every day. you’ll benefit from our spot on instincts and professional evaluation of your applicants.
  4. collect deposits and rent quickly. we don’t mess around once we have an approved application. An applicant will have 24 hours to place the entire deposit toward the rental. we will then prepare and sign our solid lease agreement which is a great tool for your management in and of itself. we will even invite you to the lease signing so you can meet your new tenant and begin the management relationship with them.
  5. accounting. within 30-days of the signing of your lease agreement, you will receive a full accounting showing any deposits you made with us, funds received from your new tenant, minus any expenses and our fee with a check for the balance. you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that the leasing process is complete.

you are paying us for our expertise so here’s a few more ways you can get your money’s worth.

  1. contract with us while you still have a tenant. this way the paperwork is out of the way and when your tenant gives you notice, just let us know and we’ll spring in to action. we will list your property for rent within 48 hours which assures you get the most out of the 30-day period between when your tenant gives notice to when the property is vacant. this gives us a great opportunity to pre-rent your property so your only loss of rent are days for turnover.
  2. have us turnover your unit for you. by paying an estimated turnover expense deposit, we will contract the turnover of your property for you. the benefits for you are twofold; one, that you don’t have to spend your time contracting the work and; two, you’ll take advantage of the discounted rates our contractors offer us for their quality work because of the volume of work we give them.
  3. an advocate in your corner. we are helpful folks. once you are a client, you are a friend. we genuinely want you to succeed in the management of your unit. therefore, when you have a question now and again, or have a difficult tenant, give us a ring and we’ll give you our best advice. should you ever decide that you are ready to turn over your property to full service management, we hope we’ve earned your trust to help you with that next step.

you decide how your property is leased
our leasing policies and procedures give you, as the owner, the option to opt out of many of our policies. things like offering a rent reduction for a two year lease, offering payment plans for move in costs, the allowance of pets and much more. this means you rest assured that your property is leased with your ideas in mind which is imperative since you will be managing the unit once it’s leased.

where do we start?
contact us to get a sample of our owner leasing agreement for review and look over the dollars and cents breakdown of our fee. make sure to write down your questions so we can address those and then give us a call. we look forward to hearing from you!