what’s included in the price?
flexibility. we will work with you to develop a contract that makes sense to you and ensures that you sleep peacefully at night. we’ve already anticipated that your needs may be unique and we are prepared to meet your needs so you feel at ease and well cared for.

full service means we do it all:

  1. leasing. we can start with your vacant unit and ease your worries about this sometimes difficult first step.
  2. tenant relations. we aren’t bullies. we have great relationships with our tenants and value positive tenant relations which keeps your property rented and income flowing.
  3. rent collection. we work hard to keep your income coming in. we don’t miss it when a tenant doesn’t pay rent and we will follow each step of the law to resolve any payment issues.
  4. maintenance. we won’t call you to see how you want us to handle the sink leaking. we will just handle it, quickly, efficiently and by hiring subcontractors we trust to provide both quality work and rock bottom prices.
  5. accounting. you will receive clear and accurate reports each month about your property, the income that has come in minus any expenses, and you get the rest. simple as that.

more flexibility…
we strive to make your life easy. how can we help?

  1. pay your mortgage. for properties with positive cash flow, we offer to make your monthly mortgage payments directly to your lending institution.
  2. keep a tax savings account. we are even able to open a savings account and keep a portion of your properties net income to save for property taxes. when the taxes are due we will send out the payment once we have received the tax statement from you or the county.
  3. directly deposit monthly draw. we have several out of state owners as well as those who live half the year in another country and we do everything for them including depositing the owner draw directly in their bank account so they have access to the funds no matter where they are.
  4. for those that want a more hands on approach. we are happy to meet with you each month to go over all the details about your property and answer any questions you have about the process of management.

you decide how you want your property managed
our policies and procedures give you, as the owner, the option to opt out of many of our policies. things like offering move in incentives, waiving a first fee incurred by a tenant, the allowance of pets and much more. this means you rest assured that your property is managed with your ideas in mind.

where do we start?
contact us to for a sample owner management agreement for you to review and take a peek at the dollars and cents breakdown of our fee. make sure to write down your questions so we can address those and then give us a call. we look forward to hearing from you!