why maleo management?

has your home been sitting on the market for sale with no offers?
are you accepting a job out of state and don’t have the first clue about renting out your house?
have you been dealing with the headache of managing a rental yourself?
have you been contracted with another management company that isn’t meeting your needs?

 no matter your current situation, you will find us to be everything you hoped for and nothing like you thought…it’s because we’ve vowed to be something completely different. 

best reasons for choosing maleo management?

  • people first business model: we listen to you fully and aren’t bothered by your questions
  • tenants are treated as the important people they are and this goodwill goes a long way
  • we are accommodating; often showing property and signing leases outside of business hours
  • we know landlord/tenant law like the back of our hand and won’t put you at risk
  • we work with trustworthy contractors who give us rock bottom pricing for quality repairs
  • your time is worth more. our fee is often the same portlanders pay for coffee monthly

our services

full service property management
if you are looking for an outstanding alternative to managing a rental yourself or if you’ve been unhappy with your current property management firm, you’ve come to the right place. we offer an easy, customizable approach to taking on your cares with regard to your investment property.

leasing service
if you feel confident about managing your rental on your own but want some help from an expert in the rental business to help you lease your property, you’ve come to the right place. we have a tried and true method of renting properties and we would be honored to have our knowledge base help you get off on the right foot with your new tenant.

more information

our fees
so what is all of this going to cost you? we aren’t driving any hard bargains here. just an honest all-inclusive fee system that means we make a fair wage for our work and you get a fair deal.

want more information? have more questions?
if you’re like us, you might be frustrated by the lack of information on other property management sites. how can you possibly make a decision about which property management firm to trust with only a few paragraphs? we believe in full disclosure and we know how busy you are without trying to schedule appointment after appointment so you can find out your options. so take a peek around by clicking the “read more” links in the above paragraphs and you’ll find out all kinds of info about us. also, make sure to check out:

  • our FAQ page for answers to your burning questions
  • our success stories for just a few of our clients
  • or read what people say about us
  • we’re also an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau

it’s important to us that you feel you can trust us and that we are open with you about who we are and how we do what we do. after all…it is your property.

we look forward to serving you!